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Using Law to and Dispossess the Weak

Everyone seems to talk about those days as the halcyon days of "wide spread prosperity" - they of course were not and billions suffered. OK, OK you want to limit it to the US maybe 2-300 people had 65% of wealth and 180 million shared the rest among themselves.
(Krugman Blog, , New York Times, The Opinion Pages, Commenter: me, earth, November 15, 2014)

Inequality, homelessness, and the idea of the American dream also has an influence on poverty.

Noam Chomsky has examined one of the many 21st century consequences: any perceived nuclear challenge to its vaunted supremacy (how fortunate the world is that the ).

"The world," once said Mr. Cobden to the working men of Huddersfield,

A theory of poverty promoted in 1959 by Oscar Lewis is the idea of a culture of poverty theory.

...The fate of Dodd-Frank over the past two years is an object lesson in the government's inability to institute even the simplest and most obvious reforms, especially if those reforms happen to clash with powerful financial interests. From the moment it was signed into law, lobbyists and lawyers have fought regulators over every line in the rulemaking process. Congressmen and presidents may be able to get a law passed once in a while - but they can no longer make sure it stays passed. You win the modern financial-regulation game by filing the most motions, attending the most hearings, giving the most money to the most politicians and, above all, by keeping at it, day after day, year after fiscal year, until stealing is legal again. "It's like a scorched-earth policy," says Michael Greenberger, a former regulator who was heavily involved with the drafting of Dodd-Frank. "It requires constant combat. And it never, ever ends."
(Matt Taibbi, May 10, 2012, , Rolling Stone, Politics)

This was supposed to be the big one. At 2,300 pages, the new law ostensibly rewrote the rules for Wall Street. It was going to put an end to predatory lending in the mortgage markets, crack down on hidden fees and penalties in credit contracts, and create a powerful new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to safeguard ordinary consumers. Big banks would be banned from gambling with taxpayer money, and a new set of rules would limit speculators from making the kind of crazy-ass bets that cause wild spikes in the price of food and energy. There would be no more AIGs, and the world would never again face a financial apocalypse when a bank like Lehman Brothers went bankrupt.

Perspective is everything in understanding the real world.

In other words: the wider notion of 'poverty' = the narrower notion + 'social exclusion'.

Faith, hope, and mutual support: Paths to empowerment as perceived by women in poverty.
Andrews, A. B., Guadalupe, J. L. &; Bolden, E. (DATE). Journal of Social Work Research and Evaluation. 4(1).
This article reveals innovative empowerment perspectives generated from a qualitative study involving economically poor rural women in the southern United States . The analysis yielded a fresh definition of empowerment, grounded in the participants’ perspectives, that highlights interpersonal connections, intrapersonal attitudes of optimism and trust, motivation to resist oppression, and faith in spiritual power. Constructs implicit in this definition can guide the development of measurement tools for use in studies of empowerment. Implications for social work practice are discussed. (This is one of nine articles in this issue on advancement and empowerment of women.)

Lawrence Mead, “Making Welfare Work,” testimony before the Subcommittee on Human Resources, Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representatives, 113th Cong., 1st Sess., June 18, 2013, .

The view that there is no absolute poverty in the UK is a perfectly valid position to take.
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In a truly intelligent, empathic world, there would be no debate.

As part of this evolution, the US government became the international political conduit for 'Wall Street' influence and the growing influence of the 'City' in London, also allowed these neo-liberal ideas to permeate the policy making circles in Britain and, specifically, the upper echelons of the British Labour Party.

This, in turn, split the world into three camps:

While the Left was conned into believing that the policy options were becoming limited in the face of an increasingly globalised world, the Right were much smarter and knew they had to compromise the state and advance its agenda through the capacities they knew were the monopoly of the state - currency-issuance, legislative fiat, and the power to set the regulatory environment.

Indigenous Nations have the right of self-determination

The reality was that what they wanted was for the state to use its powers to tilt the economy (its distributional processes) more heavily towards the corporate sector and the financial market sector ('Wall Street'), in particular.

The World is Awash in Weapon Systems

Those neoliberal ideologues are not resting on their laurels (or dare one say ''). Every day, new apologies for, or bare-faced promotions of, neoliberally driven 'globalization' appear in the various media. Robert Shiller is merely their latest champion. The future for Robert is a world without 'barriers'; a world of weakened, and ultimately superseded, nation-states; displaced in a "transition to a more just global economy". As one of the commenters on Shiller's utopian (dystopian?) vision of an apparently looming and inevitable '' has said,

To contextualize the discussion we need briefly to examine:

The bottom line is that neither side's models generate numbers reliable enough on which a case for or against the TPP can be made. Just about the only thing we can say with some certainty is that there will be winners and losers. Perhaps the agreement will galvanize investment and knowledge flows across the Pacific, giving the world economy a much-needed boost. Perhaps not. But those who believe that this trade agreement, like previous ones, will provide lopsided benefits have ample reason to be concerned.
(Dani Rodrik, , Project Syndicate, February 10, 2016)

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