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The world's only hope lies with a determined band of survivors.

I note that 100% of the protesters at the play were arrested. Would that the same percentage apply to those of the liberal persuasion, who prevent the exercise of free speech by violence and intimidation.

He flashes me a devilish grin and suggests that I'm not the only one horny as hell.

In other words, mutual respect exists with minimum semantic distance between two persons; that is to say, mutual undertstanding because they share cultural norms, language, goals, values and so on. "Superior" in that context means at the top of the gaussian distribution of that distance from "me". The farther that distance the more difficult is judgment and I might well judge someone of superior intelligence to be inferior because the ruler or yardstick by which I take the measure only goes so far.

Not if they're only deemed civil by you.

To pretend that there is only one canonical "association" is wrong, and is part of the problem.

This tit for tat erosion of our rights and Caesar go perfect together. Because what is happening now is exactly what happened thousands of years ago. Caesar didn't just magically become become a dictator. It took generations of whittling away the rights and rules of the Roman democracy. Each side would chip at or break a rule or a tradition and then the other side would do it in retaliation slowly eroding the foundation of the Roman democracy. Our founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they enshrined freedom of speech as a right in our constitution because they studied classical history. They wanted to avoid what happened in Rome. That's why there are checks and balances between the 3 branches of government and the people have the right to say what ever they want to their phoney baloney politicians.

No, we've been watching to what you on the Left have been doing. And that control of elected offices is ONLY because Leftists haven't completely managed to corrupt the voting process, despite long term attempts as described on video by Hilary's campaign staff. You know, the same one that admitted they were hiring people to incite and commit violence on Trump supporters.

Humans would still live in caves if we only ever went with the herd.

(MMF, reluc, exh, oral, anal)  -  -   - Couples mess around on the holiday, but only a little.

@ken is it clear that a Pepe is what he sent, or that he specially choose black women to send them to? All we saw from the screenshot was that his user avatar was Pepe, not the content of the image he sent. And the air drop menu would only show an avatar and a computer name of who he's sending it to. I'm just speculating, but I bet he was sending images to everyone allowing incoming airdrops, not targeting anyone in particular.

ONLY because Leftists haven't completely managed to corrupt the voting process, despite long term attempts as described on video by Hilary's campaign staff

This story is based on reality and only slightly embellished to satisfy the Author's taste.
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Jill Scott And Interracial Dating - YouTube

It also produces a circularity from which there is no escape until someone goes first, and is willing to grant freedom BEFORE getting it for herself. Or completely obliterate the other side, then the other town, then the other clan, then the other person, until there's only you left at which point you might be free; but maybe not.

Jill Scott's Essay on Interracial Relationships .

But that wasn't my comment anyway. I was speaking of sharing; a value of the left which is somewhat uncommonly exercised in a way that involves self sacrifice.

Jill Scott On Her Interracial Dating Essay.

Should it happen that a leftwinger actually shares of his or her own labor and substance, that person I salute, a "doer of the word and not a hearer only."

I'd like to read Jill Scott's essay on Interracial dating.

Should it happen that a leftwinger actually shares of his or her own labor and substance, that person I salute, a "doer of the word and not a hearer only."

jill scott essay on interracial dating and how we use them

When the weak achieves equality, what then? His paradigm suddenly changes; now he wants *advantage*. Does anyone really want equality? I doubt it; it is not in human DNA (or that of any animal). You seek equality only when you are behind, but that's not really your goal. Equality isn't when you have a house, it is when you have a big house, and a boat, and two cars, and so on. You set as your definition of equality a thing very few people actually possess.

Jill Scott On Her Interracial Dating Essay

Reading this commentspace made me sad. I'm wondering if Ken should disable comments for his posts, but what would it do to his traffic? For many years friends have suggested to me that I start my own blog "Because you would be good at it" but I have never entertained the notion, and this is why. I have no shortage of chittering, poo-flinging monkeys around IRL, why would I want to engage even more of them online?

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