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Essay on Descartes' Meditations | René Descartes | Reality

The real distinction between mind andbody in the Sixth Meditation
{What is thereal distinction between mind and body? Formulate Descartes's firstargument for this distinction?}

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D9. Error, intellect, and will in the Fourth Meditation
Would God be a malicious deceiver if He placed in me a cognitivefaculty that makes mistakes or errors when I use it properly? Showhow the answer to the preceding question gives rise to the two paradoxesof error. Formulate Descartes's account of error. Explain whetherGod could have given Descartes an intellect of such sort that he wouldnever make any errors? In what sense is Descartes's will equal toGod's? In what sense is it inferior to God's? Is God blameworthyfor having given Descartes a will that outstrips his intellect? Whatcan Descartes himself do to escape error? How does he know that thisescape from error really works? If he nonetheless falls into error,does it reflect badly on God?}D10. Descartes's ontological argument in the Fifth Meditation
Where does Descartes get the idea for his ontological argument? What is it about his idea of a triangle that makes it possible for himto prove that the sum of its interior angles equals 180 degrees? How does the idea of a unicorn differ from the idea of a triangle? How cogent are mathematical demonstrations (proofs)? Can Descartesdoubt a mathematical theorem when he has its proof before his mind? Formulate his ontological proof of the existence of God. How cogentis it? Why then does Descartes hesitate to accept its conclusionas an indubitable and certain truth? Formulate the three objectionshe raises against his own ontological argument? How does he answerthese objections? Does he now give his full assent to his ontologicalargument and its conclusion?}D11. Descartes's Sixth Meditation argument to an external world
What causal principle and what conceptual premiss does Descartesinvoke to prove that bodies can exist? Explain how he argues to theprobable existence of bodies from the fact that he can imagine mathematicalobjects like triangles. On the basis of what causal principle doesDescartes think that his sense ideas (sensations and sense perceptions)must come from one of four sources: himself, bodies, God, or some beingintermediate in perfection between bodies and God? How does Descartesrule out himself as the source of his sense ideas? Why would Godbe a malicious deceiver if the source of Descartes's sense ideas was eitherGod Himself or some being intermediate between bodies and God? Whatpermits Descartes now to conclude that he really does have a body and thatmaterial bodies are the sources of his adventitious sense ideas?

Essay Topics on Descartes’s Meditations

Rene Descartes sought to answers these questions by examining himself and God through his Meditations.

Rene Descartes’s theory that one is unable distinguish being awake from dreaming, as interesting as it is, can be at times a little farfetched, along with a few contradictions to himself, Descartes’s dream argument does not entitle himself to any sort of claim....

French Philosopher Rene Descartes, also widely hailed as “The Father of Modern Philosophy”. “Meditations on First Philosophy” was first published in 1641

Descartes' Meditations Essay - 2147 Words | Bartleby

Meditations on First Philosophy: Descartes Essays

This paper is going to argue that in Rene Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy, Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, both are contrasting how we know that God really exists and how we know what we perceive in this world actually exists as well.

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Descartes Meditations Essay - 1227 Words
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Descartes Meditations Essay - 1589 Words

Long (25 minutes) essay topics (The student must select one topic): L1. Descartes's Method of Doubt in the First Meditation {Why is Descartes so obsessed with doubt? Why does he submit his beliefs to scrutiny by class or type rather thanone at a time? What causes him to doubt his sense-based beliefs? To doubt beliefs such as that he has a head and hands? To doubt hismathematical beliefs? What is the Evil Demon hypothesis?

Essay: Descartes’ Meditation 1‏

D7. Descartes's nature as a thinking thing in the Second Meditation
Why does Descartes reject the traditional answer "rational animal"to the question what his nature is, i.e., what kind of thing he is? What is his own answer to this question? Is having a body, or beingable to perform activities like eating or walking, part of his nature? Why or why not? What does he mean by thinking? Does he distinguishseeing a horse from seeming to see the horse? Why or why not? Is it possible that a body can think? Is it possible that Descartesis really a body? Which is more easily and better known: a pieceof wax or one's own mind? Why?

Essay: Descartes’ Meditation 1‏ Sample Essay

Wouldthis response be satisfactory if error were a negation nstead ofa privation? Why or why not?} S8. Second Paradox of Error in the Fourth Meditation
{What are thepremisses and conclusion of Descartes's argument that Professor Masseycalls the Second Paradox of Error? What is paradoxical about theconclusion? How in brief does Descartes resolve the paradox? Does he invoke final causes in this resolution?} S9. Fifth Meditation memory-of-clear-and-distinct-ideasprinciple
{What is theclear-and-distinct ideas principle? What is the principle that ProfessorMassey calls the memory-of-clear-and-distinct-ideas principle? Doesthe latter principle underwrite the former one? What ultimately underwritesthe latter principle? What is the point or purpose of the latterprinciple, i.e., why does Descartes invoke it?} S10.

Rene descartes meditations on first philosophy essays

Why or why not? Is the illness-induced thirst of someone who suffersfrom dropsy an accidental or a systematic error? If systematic, doesit convict God of malicious deception? Why or why not?}#########################################################################################
EXTERNAL WORLD {Long Essay Topic}1.

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