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Well, there are numerous reasons against capital punishment.

If the task of the legal order is to constitute a rightful condition for free and purposive agents, then the point of having rules that function as legal prohibitions on certain kinds of conduct is clear enough, but the point of making the violation of these rules criminally punishable, rather than providing compensatory remedies or encouraging compliance in other ways, is not immediately obvious. If each of us has an entitlement to use our means as we see fit, subject to the limits required by the like entitlement of others, then it follows that each of us will be subject to various prohibitions on interfering with the entitlements of others. But why enforcement might take the form of punishment, rather than, e.g., remediation, is harder to understand. Moreover, in contemporary legal orders, the vast majority of penal law has little or nothing to do with wrongful use of or damage to another private person’s means. And one might wonder why punishment, as opposed to other means of encouraging compliance with regulatory law, would be appropriate. These questions are particularly difficult in light of some characteristics typical of strictly deontological retributivism: the claims that liability to punishment depends only on the commission of the crime and that the quantum of punishment is determined by the nature of the crime. This kind of retributivism seems to permit, perhaps even require, punishment where it will neither remedy the private or public wrongs in question nor do anything concrete to promote the protection of rights.

So, it is unfair to hold them fully responsible for their crimes.

College and university. It is surprising to discover that college students and university freshmen could at one time be paddled in some places. See for the spanking of students by campus police at Northwestern University in Chicago, and about punishments at the University of Missouri carried out by senior students with official approval, in a tradition and .

It is unfair for me to die like this, even as a criminal.

It is a punishment for a crime that was committed.

It is conveyed tostudents by what is said to them in front of their peers, by forcingthem into doing demeaning activities before their peers, and byexposing for all to see their most private weaknesses and absurdities.

Some privileges,some excursions, some pleasures often seem to be dangled in front ofstudents for the sole purpose of being snatched away if the students donot comply with the teacher's wishes.

It is a form of punishment that is a deterrent for other criminals.

Doomed 1991 attempt in US congress to ban school corporal punishment at federal level.

Fourth and finally, it might be said that the hypothetical overlooks the possibility of prosecutorial discretion. And so it does. But that is because prosecutorial discretion is inconsistent with the claim that punishment of all juridical wrongs is mandatory. Any account of prosecutorial discretion appropriate to this account of the rightful condition will face the same problem as an account of criminalization: what kind of reasons are acceptable for failing to prosecute and punish juridical wrongs? If the state understands the creation or maintenance of a rightful condition to require it to punish all intentionally juridical committed wrongs, then it must also prosecute all apparent wrongs; otherwise, some of those wrongs would escape punishment.

The death penalty is, was not, and never will be about revenge: it is about removing a dangerous criminal element from society.

As I understand, capital punishment has been used in every civilization and every country.

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Reasons against Capital Punishment (Death Penalty) - Buzzle

The girls' mothers complained, and a widely publicized . This included a lively public meeting of the school board at which other young ladies who had been disciplined at the high school with the male vice-principal's paddle stood up and defended the practice: "I've had swats from him before, and they hurt, but that's why we have parental consent", declared Ms Bartee. Springfield ISD then so that a male administrator could again paddle a female student, provided a female staff member was present as a witness.

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For example, in 2011 the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) inserted a new provision in its model school policy: "Corporal punishment shall be administered only by an employee who is the same sex as the student". Many school districts adopted the revised policy without paying any attention to the new provision. This ended up embarrassing Springtown ISD when a male administrator at Springtown High School, following time-honored practice and unaware that the rules had changed, spanked two girls in September 2012: see .

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Offenses. The range of offenses that can be punished with a paddling varies very widely from one place to another. Some handbooks spell them out in great detail, while others leave the matter vague. It can be difficult to see why certain violations merit a spanking and others do not, especially when different school districts sometimes adopt almost diametrically opposite policies. Often, CP is deemed appropriate for intermediate "crimes", those that are neither very trivial nor very serious; but some schools say it is appropriate only for relatively minor lapses, while a few make clear that, to the contrary, it is regarded as a severe punishment for serious offenses only. Either way, it is almost never "a last resort", despite that tired phrase still being trotted out here and there.

Capital Punishment Essay: It's Fair and Effective - 964 …

Acting on a policy of prosecuting and punishing every juridical wrongdoer has the same two characteristics. First, punishing all wrongdoers is not a wrong to anyone in particular. No-one can complain that he or she, in particular, has been wrongly punished; after all, the offender is proved to have committed the offence in question. Second, punishing all wrongdoers is not action that is readily amenable to legal control. It is properly the task of the legislature to define offences, of the police to investigate crime, of prosecutors to prosecute apparent offenders, of courts to sentence offenders, and of the executive to carry out the sentences imposed. None of these state officials does wrong in any particular case in carrying out these functions; moreover, none of them has the authority to direct any of the others in carrying out their functions. It is true that, in common law systems at least, judges can stop individual prosecutions that have become unfair; but it would be extraordinary for a judge to acquit a guilty thief because enough thieves had already been convicted that day or to issue an injunction limiting the number of prosecutions that could be brought because there had been enough prosecutions already. The wrong of mass punishment, like other wrongs to the rightful condition that have no particular victim, is difficult to regulate by law but can be controlled through judicious decision-making about what conduct to criminalize and what offences to prosecute.

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