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World Environment Day Essay - 1637 Words

Lawrence Beyond any doubt, studies now confirm that due to the stress that is flowing out of our disconnected "bleeding roots", complex personal, environmental and social problems are created....

The “appreciation for” objective is the one that an environmental class stresses.

These examples of maladaptive solutions resulting from cultural change (often in response to technological development) suggest not only the reasons for these dilemmas, but where the solutions lie as well. In order to speed up the rate of cultural evolution, we need to use mechanisms from within our culture, since the alternative way of changing culture involves coercion. If we want to make a certain kind of decision part of our culture, such as considering pollution when deciding what kinds of transportation to use, we need to examine the cultural mechanisms that influence how we make decisions and use those mechanisms to bring about cultural evolution. This is the reason that I believe many promising solutions to our current environmental dilemmas lie in economic solutions.

short essay on to conserve and protect our environment - 23804 ..

Certain group of people says that progression brought about the deterioration of the environment.

All technologies are shaped by their particular cultural context. Different physical environments and geographies create different needs that require solutions. A number of examples can be found in the Levant of the Middle East, where the first Mesopotamian civilizations developed. About 10,000 years ago, sedentary populations in this area started domesticating the native cereal plants and developing agriculture. Agriculture as a technology emerged very gradually and in the form it did because of the culture context of the people who developed it. Sedentary hunter-gatherers in the area (like all hunter-gatherers) had an intimate knowledge of the natural environment, including growing cycles and preferred environments of edible cereal species. As Bruce Smith explains, domestication probably resulted from the intensification of previous cultivation behaviors, perhaps in response to population or other stress. Hunter-gather populations manipulate their environments in order to reduce the risk of food shortages or to increase supplies of favored species. This manipulation can take various forms, including cultivation behaviors such as replanting seedlings in more watered ground. Over time, these human actions changed the selection pressures on wild species, resulting in the development of domesticated varieties. This gradual process happened as it did because of the existing cultural context of hunter-gather populations who were not only familiar with the grain species that became domesticated, but also were "actively intervening in the life cycles of those species."

Even though all technologies develop in a particular culture context, however, does not mean that they stay within there. Useful technologies spread, either through migration of populations or by diffusion of techniques to neighboring populations. The needs and norms of the culture that adopts a new technology shape how that technology is used within the culture. One example, still from the Middle East, is domesticated horses. Horses were domesticated around 4000 B.C. in the area of modern-day Ukraine, and from there spread south and eastward, reaching Anatolia around 3000 B.C. and Mesopotamia probably around 2100 B.C. Although the steppe cultures that first domesticated the horse first used it for riding, horses in Mesopotamia were first used for draught, replacing the smaller donkeys and onagers which had been domesticated in the area and were already used for draught. When horses were first ridden nearly a thousand years later, riders rode them the same way as donkeys. The riding of horses in the Middle East was delayed by the Mesopotamian culture, which had built city environments where riding horses didn't give the same advantage as it did on the open steppes of the north, and which also tended to view northern peoples as barbarian. As a result, grooms and messengers are portrayed riding horses centuries before the elite adopted the practice. The early adoption of the horse for draught, however, happened because the Mesopotamian culture had the other technologies to use the horse effectively and recognized that its larger size provided an advantage over the smaller donkey or onager.

Free environmental conservation Essays and Papers

We can by all means change our lifestyle and conform to the depletion of environment yet still optimize progression.

Or it may prove impossible for even a few survivorsto subsist on the meager resources left in civilization'swake. The children of the highly technological society into whichmore and more of the world's peoples are being drawn will notknow how to support themselves by hunting and gathering or bysimple agriculture. In addition, the wealth of wild animals thatonce sustained hunting societies will be gone, and topsoil thathas been spoiled by tractors will yield poorly to the hoe. Aspecies that has come to depend on complex technologies tomediate its relationship with the environment may not longsurvive their loss.

“According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), human activities release some 147 million metric tons of air pollutants (not counting carbon dioxide or windblown soil) into the atmosphere each year in the United States alone....

Meanwhile, human everyday actions and decisions are negatively impacting the environment, causing pollution, deforestation, overfishing.
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Conservation of environment essays

Eco friendly construction refers to building with a reduction of energy consumption, waste, pollution and degradation of the environment, to protecting health and efficiently using water resources (Dean 2003)....

Conservation of Environment Essay - 275 Words

Today South Africa is one of the countries around the world that has adopted and adapted the EIA system as part of its environmental law (promulgated in the Environmental Conservation Act (73 of 1997, under Section 21, 22 and 26) and management (Sandham and Pretorius, 2008)....

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Our report is the forum for efficiently sharing, both, internally and externally the success of MacMillan, as well as MacMillan’s understandings of the environment, through social and environmental reporting....

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While conservationists struggle to conserve the genes that cannot cope with the rapid environmental changes, unexpected domination of species causes a lot of damages to nature....

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Throughout the years, many disturbing events have emerged, highlighting the delicateness of the world’s environment: powerful storms, chemical spills, declining animal populations and many others....

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As we are driving into work, do we ask ourselves critical questions about how our everyday behaviors impact the various emerging environmental issues facing our rapidly growing world.

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